The World's First Vertical Wall Printer

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a quote, please Contact Us for more information.
Any good quality photo will be good to use. A good quality image means that it is 300DPI or 150DPI at the actual size you want to print.
You can also look at our recommended stock image site ShutterStock and choose from over 25 million high quality images.
We accept American Express, VISA and Mastercard credit card payments as well as EFTPOS payments.
VERTiPRINT has a guarantee of 5 years for outdoor prints and 20+ years on indoor prints! The print will be dry 20 minutes after the job is completed and you can wipe the wall with wet cloth to clean the wall without damaging the print.
Simply apply 2 coats of paint over the print.
The printer will print 1 square metre in 30 minutes and we have a 30 minutes setup time, meaning it depends on the size of your job. For example a 4 square metre job will take 2 hours of print plus 30 minutes for setup – total of 2.5 hours to complete.
We can print on almost any flat surface! Including: Plaster Walls, Render, Glass, Wood, Tiles, Steel, Canvas, Blinds and many more!
The best results are on White (or light cream colour). We can’t print on dark colours such as Black or dark Blue. However, there are some colours we are able to print tribal prints on.
The maximum size we can print is 2.5 metres high and unlimited width. The minimum job size is 1 square metre.
No. The price is per square metre of print regardless of the amount of colours.
Wall Conditions:

To ensure the best results we recommend that you check your wall is in good condition, free of holes, scratches, stains or moisture that may affect the quality of the image. If your wall is in a bad condition, we suggest you undertake any repairs before we begin printing. VERTiPRINT is able to provide any of the above repair or sealing services if required.

General Limitations:

1) Work undertaken in premises higher than ground level, such as upstairs rooms in a house or second floor (or more) apartments will be subject to internal accessibility.
2) Images covering two or more surfaces at an angle of 90 degrees, such as a wall and a ceiling, will have a 20 cm gap between the top, bottom and sides of the image overlap.
3) Please note: Images with white colour cannot be reproduced on coloured walls.
If you are unsure about any of the points above feel free to Contact Us and we will help you out!